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New Infographic: Monarch Butterfly Research

November 23, 2017
Monarch Butterfly Egg Density Infographic

Infographic by KAP Design

We’ve created another scientific infographic to communicate the key findings of recent research about Monarch Butterfly egg density that may inform milkweed restoration. The infographic was shared in social media to engage a larger audience and increase access to the information. The research, from frequent KAP collaborator the Norris Lab at the University of Guelph, is published in Biological Conservation.

New Infographic: Grey-cheeked Thrush Migration Research

July 7, 2017


Infographic created by KAP Design

Infographic created by KAP Design

We are thrilled to have created this scientific infographic for Bird Studies Canada that accompanies a feature on the Audubon Society’s website titled After Binging in Colombia, Thrushes Can Fly Non-stop to Canada in Mere Days. Thanks again to Ryan (@NorrisLab) and Stu (@_StuMackenziefor the collaboration.

EPIC Infographic Banners

July 4, 2017


KAP collaborated with Our Energy Guelph (OEG) to create five 7-foot tall banners for their Energy Pop-up Innovation Centre (EPIC), a travelling community engagement experience about the city’s alternative energy future.

We worked with the OEG team to clarify, refine and visualize their story into a narrative that would inform and inspire EPIC participants to get involved. The hand-drawn illustrations, used to establish an approachable visual language, were also used in a companion slide deck presented as part of the EPIC experience.

Infographic banner designed by KAP Design for Our Energy Guelph

First of five infographic banners designed by KAP Design for Our Energy Guelph.

Infographic banner by KAP Design

Third of five infographic banners designed by KAP Design for Our Energy Guelph.

Infographic: Fruit Fly Research

March 17, 2017
Infographic by KAP Design

Fruit fly research infographic by KAP Design

We’ve created another scientific infographic for the Norris Lab at the University of Guelph. This one is about research findings concerning fruit fly populations.

KAP Website is Updated

February 8, 2017


The KAP Design website has been updated with new work – infographics, reports, illustrations, videos, presentations, and more.

Infographic: Monarch Butterfly Migration

January 23, 2017
Infographic by KAP Design

Infographic by KAP Design.

KAP is thrilled to be “giving wings” to important ecological research findings by Dr. Ryan Norris (University of Guelph) and his colleagues. This infographic about the monarch butterfly migration has been shared across social media and was part of the media release published on the Canadian Geographic and CBC News websites.

Infographic: Get to Know Canada’s National Bird

November 21, 2016
'Get to Know Canada's National Bird' infographic by KAP Design.

‘Get to Know Canada’s National Bird’ infographic by KAP Design.

Last week, Canadian Geographic announced that the winner of the National Bird Project and Canada’s new National Bird is the Gray Jay. We created this infographic to introduce the nation’s new winged hero who is relatively unknown to Canadians… until now.

Click this link to view a larger version of the infographic: Get to Know Canada’s National Bird

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