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Infographic: Pet Scanning Accuracy

September 28, 2011

Click infographic to view larger.

Case Study Brief: The company is using a table (see below) listing the percent accuracy of conventional scanning technologies (CT and MRI scans) and PET scan. They want to communicate that PET is more accurate than conventional technologies. Potential patients are left to comprehend and contrast the percentages in order to make an informed decision on whether PET scan is something to consider as part of their cancer treatment.

Original table listing the accuracy of different scanning technologies.

Design Solution: The goal of an infographic is to identify the key relationships, trends and patterns in the information and then to efficiently and effectively communicate the findings. Breaking down the visual communication challenge, there were three key pieces of information that had to be explained: (1) cancer type, (2) the relative accuracy of the scanning technologies and (3) how much more accurate PET is than conventional techniques.

Detail of PET Scanning Accuracy infographic.

Cancer type (1 in detail above) is depicted by a simple human silhouette with the affected body part clearly marked. It is easier to compare two values visually than having to consider numerical values so the relative accuracy of scanning technologies is made obvious with a bar graph – a longer bar is more accurate (2). Listing the exact amount that PET accuracy surpasses other scanning (3) saves the user from having to do the math. A simple layout and limited two-color palette was used to aid in efficient communication.

Conclusion: Compared to the standard table, the new infographic communicates the important information more efficiently in a professional and engaging package.

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