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Infographic: Voter Turnout in Ontario

October 4, 2011
'Voter Turnout In Ontario' infographic by KAP Design

Click infographic to view larger.

The Ontario Provincial Election is in two days and we’re coming off of the lowest voter turnout (2007 election) in the past ten elections. Will the decreasing trend continue?

Below is the original design of the ‘Most Recent Voter Population’ section of the infographic with people visualized on the map of Ontario. I quickly received feedback from a colleague that it appeared people in the north weren’t eligible to vote but I had placed the people without concern for their location. Was this image the result of my formative years growing up in downtown Toronto? I don’t think so? The lesson learned – it’s reasonable to assume graphics on a map are placed considering geographic location. It’s always interesting when I get unexpected feedback – one of many benefits of collaboration. Keep the feedback coming!

Detail of 'Voter Turnout in Ontario' by Jamie Kapitain

Detail from original 'Voter Turnout in Ontario' infographic by Jamie Kapitain

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