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Fundraising Icons and Infographic

October 26, 2011
Fundraising icons by KAP. Design

Fundraising icons by Jamie Kapitain

Case Study Brief: A private school needed to motivate the parent community to participate in fundraising and keep everyone updated on the status of fundraising efforts throughout the year. Sending out an ‘easy to ignore’ Excel spreadsheet full of figures wasn’t getting results.

Detail of Fundraising infographic.

Detail of Fundraising infographic. Dollar amounts are not actual amounts.

Design Solution: KAP created an infographic that focused on the main issue – are the funds raised to date above or below the projected amount and by how much? The amount of projected funds (black bar, see 1 in detail above) was shown relative to funds actually raised (green bar) using simple bar graphs. The exact difference was displayed prominently and colored coded (3). To avoid cluttering up the message, exact figures for each projection and amount raised were kept small and secondary. Icons (2) were created for each fundraising activity and placed on a time line to communicate when funds would be gathered. The strong visual nature of the graphic quickly communicates the key information ensuring the parents’ attention.

An updated infographic was posted monthly in the school and shared in the email newsletter. The total funds raised for the year exceeded projections thanks to a better informed school community.

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