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Infographic: Guelph’s Community Investment Strategy Implementation

October 2, 2012
'Guelph Community Investment Strategy Implementation' by KAP Design.

‘Guelph Community Investment Strategy Implementation’ by KAP Design.

KAP was asked to create information graphics for a new investment strategy report for the City of Guelph’s Community and Social Services. The goal was to create engaging and informative visual content that would aid in the approval process and the new strategy was successfully approved by Council.

The Implementation Plan (above) was a key infographic extracted from a text-filled table (below) in the draft report. Visually depicting the ‘phase in’ and ‘fully operational’ periods for each investment mechanism communicated to Council that implementation was gradual and organized. This point is important to councilors to ease any community anxiety. KAP also designed new pictograms for each investment mechanism that make identification efficient throughout the report and future communications.

Key Rollout Dates by CIS Mechanisms

Table 8 – Key Rollout Dates by CIS Mechanisms. Guelph’s Community Investment Strategy, Phase 2, Draft 2 by Eden Grodzinski and Rebecca Sutherns, July 2012.

An early sketch of the information graphic is shown below. Once the design challenge is fully researched, KAP starts to develop concepts with extensive sketching.

'CIS Implementation' sketch by KAP Design

Early concept sketch of CIS Implementation information graphic by KAP Design. Click image to view larger.

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