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An Infographic Should Be More Than Engaging

October 18, 2012
'Daily Coffee Consumption in Canada' infographic by KAP Design.

‘Daily Coffee Consumption in Canada’ infographic by KAP Design.

KAP design’s definition of an information graphic (a.k.a. infographic) is the synergistic combination of visual content, information and data to engage and communicate. The capacity to engage a mass audience is a key motivation for using information graphics in your marketing strategy. But engagement isn’t the only role of employing visual content. An infographic should leverage the communication power of visual content by visually contrasting quantities, explaining spatial relationships and clarifying data.

The table (below) has an engaging illustration beside it to draw attention and inform the reader that the topic is coffee. This is not an infographic. The viewer has to spend time to consider the relative values and arrive at the key message.

The simple information graphic (above) not only engages coffee lovers with illustrations but also quickly communicates relative values of consumption with the amount of coffee in each province’s cup. There is added understanding provided by the map of Canada in the background with each cup placed over the appropriate province.

The potential to communicate larger data sets efficiently when visual content is called upon to do more than engage lies at the heart of an effective information graphic.

'Coffee Consumption Table' by KAP Design

‘Coffee Consumption Table’ by KAP Design

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