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Great Infographics Rely On Accurate Storytelling

December 18, 2012
'Holiday Arithmetic' infographic by KAP

‘Holiday Arithmetic – Egg Nog, Candy & Exercise Equipment’ infographic by KAP Design. This infographic is convincing but ultimately just conjecture. Click to view larger.

Information graphics, or infographics, are very persuasive. The combination of visual content, text and data is tough to beat when it comes to engaging an audience and communicating a message.

At the foundation of a great infographic is a story based on high-quality information and data. The sources should be reputable, the patterns and relationships within the data logical.

KAP created the Holiday Arithmetic infographic (above) to celebrate the season and make a point about accurate storytelling in information graphics. With eye-catching illustrations and hand-picked data, the infographic suggests a link between December holiday eating and January fitness intentions. While there is some logic to eating treats and wanting to exercise more, the data did not show a connection. In fact, the data was not even from a single report. The infographic is convincing but ultimately just conjecture.

If you are creating infographics, always use accurate information when telling the story. Enjoy your nog and we’ll talk to you from the treadmill in 2013!

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