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Storytelling Workshop: Change Minds. Ignite Action!

February 4, 2013
When To Use Information Graphics'

Slide from KAP Design visual storytelling presentation.

KAP Design was recently invited to speak about visual storytelling at Innovation Guelph‘s ‘Storytelling Workshop: Change minds. Ignite Action!’ workshop delivered by CGC Educational Communications and Entrepreneur-In-Residence Kevin Boon. The aim of the workshop was to help business leaders understand, develop and convey their own compelling narratives.

Workshop participants came from the manufacturing, financial, provincial and municipal public sectors and generously shared their stories. KAP spent the morning listening to roundtable storytelling and created a visual explanation for Mantech Inc. The explanation was presented on a white board to the group to illustrate the communication power of information graphics.

The workshop received rave reviews from participants who came away with a new understanding of the importance of telling your business story and how to do it. KAP would like to thank Jamie Doran and Kevin Boon at Innovation Guelph for the opportunity to share the value of visual storytelling.

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