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Information Graphics Make Successful Grant Applications

February 22, 2013
Fundraising Infographic by KAP Design

‘School Fundraising’ visual explanation by KAP Design. Note: numbers are hypothetical. Click image to view larger.

Search for ‘grant writing’ books on and almost 4000 results are produced. Writing successful grant applications is more critical than ever for private schools, research labs, non-profit organizations and countless other businesses. With yearly budgets relying heavily on grant funding, adding information graphics can give your application an edge towards success.

We create a monthly fundraising information graphic (above) for a private school designed to keep the school community updated and motivated. The visual explanation gets right to the point by showing (1) all fundraising events throughout the year, (2) projected versus collected funds and (3) the deficit or surplus. Read the detailed infographic case study here.

When it came time to apply for funding, the school administration added the infographic into an important application and it was successful. In fact, the school received more funding than anticipated. The funding provider commented on how the infographic was engaging and very helpful in the application review process. The Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington also leveraged a visual explanation we created titled Three Programs Under One Roof in a grant application and received the most funding in years.

In a sea of black and white, text-based funding applications, a visual explanation stands out, gets your need understood and could be the deciding factor for whether you are successful.

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