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Visual Explanation: ArtsBuild Ontario

March 13, 2013
ArtsBuild Ontario infographic by KAP Design

‘ ArtsBuild Ontario’ visual explanation by KAP Design. Click image to view larger.

Case Study Brief: ArtsBuild Ontario (ABO) selected KAP to provide an engaging information graphic to explain the ABO’s wealth of services and resources. ABO offers support to arts facilities across the province and wanted the visual explanation to attract new facilities who could benefit from their expertise, inform existing users and direct the ABO team internally.

Design Solution: KAP began the project by creating an information concept that filtered and categorized the many ABO offerings. The concept was refined further during an information concept session with the ABO team. With the comprehensive information concept finalized, KAP began sketching the infographic concept (see an early sketch below) and determined that an architectural elevation would be an appropriate visual solution. The building informs the viewer that the ABO deals with arts facilities and nicely provides an engaging way to visually organize the ABO offerings. KAP also designed thirteen pictograms to identify the main offering categories or ‘buckets’ and the delivery formats such as webinars or workshops for each ABO resource.

ABO concept sketch by KAP Design

Early conceptual sketch for ‘ArtsBuild Ontario’ information graphic by KAP Design. Click to view larger.

Conclusion: The visual explanation has been well received by both the ABO team and board members and will be leveraged on their new website and throughout their marketing efforts. The pictograms will be used to enhance navigation of the website and collateral materials.

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