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A Visual Explanation: PATRIC

December 9, 2014
PATRIC vision infographic by KAP Design.

PATRIC vision infographic by KAP Design.

The success of a new strategy or vision depends on efficiently generating understanding with stakeholders and communicating value to secure funding. The Catalyst Centre at the University of Guelph contacted KAP Design to visualize Precision AgriFood Technology Research and Innovation For Commercialization (PATRIC), an exciting new platform that “enables data-driven technologies and services to food producers, processors, distributors and retailers.”

The infographic was designed after a thorough discovery process with the Catalyst Centre team to clarify the pitch and multiple sketching sessions to arrive at a dynamic visual solution.

KAP successfully brought the vision to life with this engaging infographic that efficiently communicates the exciting possibilities and outcomes of PATRIC. This visual pitch is an important asset in the Catalyst Centre’s funding application as well as a valuable tool for structuring conversations with potential partners and collaborators.

Sketches by KAP Design

Concept sketches for PATRIC infographic by KAP Design.

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